You can read the short description about Key Collector on the introducing page. Please read the license terms carefully.

Be aware of new Google.Adwords politics about displaying "actual" search volume data. We can't guarantee you will get not-range formatted data (it depends on the Adwords account you will use).


The following order form requires you to fill the Hardware ID (HID) field, so you need to download and install Key Collector (you will see the HID on Key Collector's start-up screen).

Download Key Collector

Where can I get my HID?

Hardware ID (HID) — it's a unique identifier of your PC.

You need to download and run Key Collector to get your HID (it's displayed on start).

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1-year subscription without discount costs $29. But maybe you have a coupon code? :)

If you have a resource (SEO blog, community, article, etc.) you can use for sharing a review about Key Collector, we could provide you a free license — just send a request.

License terms

  • we provide Key Collector "as is": if some of the web services that Key Collector parses change its algorithms or protection system, we can't guarantee you that we would be able to fix it. But we will try hard;
  • 1 PC = 1 license file (a license file is generated for a single PC configuration);
  • if your PC configuration changes, you can update your license;
  • you can update your license file to another PC configuration up to 2 times per month for free;
  • Key Collector's updates are free for all licensed users, if you agree with the changes that an update makes;
  • technical user support is provided by tickets or e-mail.

System requirements